Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Local Development Program

SSDF have been supporting the basic needs on health posts infrastructure and WASH not only for the health posts along the Thai-Shan Border but also for the community inside Shan State since it had formed. Due to the political situation was slight changed after 2010 period in Burma SSDF provided more support to the community in remote areas from some townships in Southern Shan State in 2016 to 2017 by the support of some donors, which were based on Thailand. Mainly supported to the areas, which the villages, which were lack of water and for the new villages, which were set up by so called refugees returned from Thailand.  Beside of the community, some health posts in Southern Shan State received clean water with water supports such as gravity flow, water storage, toilets, waste hole, hand washing basins and other needs.


In the period of 2019 to 2020, SSDF continued raising fund to support for other health post of infrastructure such as renovated some health posts, community health center, delivering room, pharmacy rooms, tube well, water storages, baht rooms, toilet, Wash and other supports. In 2021 period, SSDF conducted need assessments from 9 health posts (among 14 health posts) then the result came out to be supported for the needs of the health posts as below- as some health posts were built since last six – seven years ago, it too old to renovate and to build new building for new health posts, not enough dormitories for health volunteers and not enough and lack of clean water.


  • Infrastructures (Health post building, IPD rooms, OPD rooms, Pharmacy room)
  • Delivering rooms
  • Dormitory and Kitchens
  • Toilet and Bathrooms
  • To get water by digging Tube wells or gravity flow
  • Water supplies – water storage, hand washing basin and other needs


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