Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Shan State Development Foundation History and Background

The Shan State Development Foundation (SSDF) was established in 2012 by merging Shan Health Committee founded in 1997 by two Shan medics who were trained by Mae Tao Clinic (MTC), Mae Sot district, Tak province, Thailand with the aim of providing health care services to IDPs (Internally Displace Person), Shan Education Committee, began the IDPs school in 2000 but founded in 2008 to provide...

Vision and Mission of Shan State Development Foundation

Vision The Shan State Development Foundation is working towards a just, democratic, federal principles and sustainable society in Shan State, where people can fully enjoy their rights.   Mission 1.Networking with the partner organizations for community empowerment in Shan State. 2.Enhancing the local communities for holistic development. 3. Engaging the tangible societies in Shan State for sustainable development.   Shan State Development Foundation

SSDF Logo Description

Logo Description: SD, these two words represent SSDF as a middle two words. S represents the green color for rural development and the blue color D means peaceful of the community development or development that goes to harmony with the community or in other words we say "Do No Harm".